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Thursday 14 December 2017

Maryna Marston

Stepping onto the Anakonda ship is like sitting in a brand new BMW.  We were on her maiden voyage, and everything had that 'new car' smell. (August 2013)

Anne and Peter Testimonial

It has been an unforgettable three days. Juan and your team of guides brought the Amazon to life for us, your eye for detail and wildlife is fantastic.

The Howards

Well, its a big "thank you" from all of us. Our first taste of the Amazon - and what a marvelous experience! We were amazed at all we saw - extraordinary and exciting!

Sally and Tim Campbell

Thanks to all the fantastic crew of the Anakonda, everyone of you made our Amazon experience absolutely fantastic.

Julie Hossad

Wonderful experience on the Anakonda - food and staff superb, Thanks.

Antony Philip Testimonial

What a fabulous experience! A huge thank you to all the staff of M/V Anakonda for taking care of us so well. Who would have believed that you could eat so well in the Amazon!?

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