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Thursday 14 December 2017

Culture & Civilization

On our Anakonda Amazon Cruise we visit different local communities, which is an experience that takes us not only deep into the jungle, but deep into the jungle’s history. Throughout the Amazon, many different native groups existed; some arrived more recently than others. This is the case of the Kichwa communities, which still speak the ancient language of the Inca Empire, usually associated with the Ecuadorian highlands. At some point in history, highland groups ventured towards the Amazon searching better living conditions (perhaps even to avoid the impact of colonial development on native societies). During our Amazon cruise adventures, we will be visiting many of these riverside Kichwa settlements that have established themselves in this area many centuries ago. Today they coexist in harmony with the overwhelming natural world of the tropical rainforest.

Other groups throughout the Ecuadorian Amazon -with probably more primitive Amazonian ancestry- include the Secoyas, the Sionas, the Cofanes and the Shuar/Achuar communities found further in the south. Last but not least, we have the Huaorani, an indigenous tribe that was only first contacted in 1970, which inhabit deep forest inside the Yasuní National Park. There are, of course, many unknowns facts in terms of the cultural spectrum of the Amazon. Archaeologists are currently undergoing intense research throughout the Ecuadorian rainforest, with the hope of unearthing the many secrets itching to be discovered. Amazonia is a place of myths and fascination.

Dining Experience

Dining Experience in the Jungle

Amazon cruises have never set such romantic riverside tables as we have proudly managed to, here on the Anakonda. A spectacular al fresco experience lies at the crossroads of the breezes that swirl on deck from every corner of the forest.

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