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Thursday 14 December 2017

Nature & Wildlife

The Amazon holds the most astonishing faunal and floral community on earth, the largest variety of plants and animals found in a single territory anywhere, including many beguiling representatives that baffle the imagination in terms of their often unbelievable behavior and biological realities. The Ecuadorian portion of the Amazon Basin is particularly rich and particularly exciting. Perhaps you may have already heard about the Yasuní National Park, a small territory with unmatched biodiversity numbers, where there are more species of trees in a single hectare than in all of Europe. The nature and wildlife of the Amazon is overwhelming, and by showing it to the world and explaining through our example what ‘biodiversity’ really means; we feel that our Amazon cruise will invoke people to care for it and understand why we need to protect it.


The Amazon Basin may seem like a one uniform carpet of deep green forest throughout its entire extension (with a river or two there). At least that is how it looks when we see Amazonia from above; but our Amazon cruise adventure is set to prove the contrary. In reality, there are many different types of ecosystems within the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin and during our comprehensive Amazon tours we will visit several of them. We will explore Amazonian lake systems, flooded Moriche palm forests, terra firme (which is basically hard ground dominated by amazingly tall trees and lush undergrowth), varzea (or seasonally flooded forest, black-water streams and brown-water river islands, and much more. Our Amazon cruise will take its time to visit different portions of the Amazon River Basin, giving you the best ‘complete picture’ available.




Animals in the Amazon have the reputation of not showing their faces. Although we may hear a trillion sounds coming from the forest deep, we have the impression that every single creature has found the ideal hiding place behind the million and one leaves that make up the landscape. But we have this impression because we have not truly taken a closer look.

Our Amazon tours and outings are conceived to show you the animals. Thanks to local guides who know their home well along with excellent bilingual guides who have spent many years in the rainforest, and the fact that we travel from place to place within the Amazon seeking out specific species, from spectacular monkeys, to Pink River dolphins, Brazilian Tapir and parrots, macaws, and caiman, we will certainly have a chance to discover the amazing fauna that thrives in this special corner of the world.




Plants, flowers and trees in the Amazon come in infinite varieties. So much so, that almost everything one comes across, in this veritable greenhouse, is unique. Amazon cruise guests will probably not notice the extent to which this is true, since it takes an expert botanist to do so, but as we begin our exploration inside the forest with local and expert bilingual guides, we guarantee fascination! Take the astounding ‘walking palm’ tree for example (it really does walk!). We will also visit community shaman who work with Amazonian plants, that due to their unfathomable variety, could surely cure every ailment known to Man... the problem of course is deciphering the variety… which would take Man many, many centuries of trial and error!



Dining Experience

Dining Experience in the Jungle

Amazon cruises have never set such romantic riverside tables as we have proudly managed to, here on the Anakonda. A spectacular al fresco experience lies at the crossroads of the breezes that swirl on deck from every corner of the forest.

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