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Thursday 14 December 2017


The Amazon Odyssey

The Amazon tour we offer today on the ANAKONDA could not be more different from the first journey the Spanish Conquistadors ventured some 500 years ago, when the Amazon River Basin was first discovered by the Western World. It was a man named Gonzalo Pizarro, brother of Francisco (whom we credit much of the Conquest of the territories of modern-day Ecuador and Peru) who would first embark on the uncanny voyage from the city of Quito in 1541 with some 3000 native men and countless animals. Greedy and crazed for gold, they headed out to the "Land of Cinnamon", where a native king -said to be wrapped in precious jewels and riches- ruled. Halfway down the Andean slopes he met another Conquistador; Francisco de Orellana. This was the man who would ultimately discover the Amazon River two years later  and than  began a perilous expedition into the depths of the jungle.

This is the odyssey we offer adventurers of the world; those wishing to experience the amazing breadth of the Amazon Basin, as our Anakonda takes on the mighty Napo River, a truly epic tributary of the Amazon born from the glaciers of Antisana Volcano. Our Amazon cruise re-enacts in comfort, style and taste one of the most difficult and painstaking expeditions known to Man.  At the same time, the odyssey takes us on a journey to explore one of the most precious discoveries in human history: The Amazon River Basin.

What to do?

Bird And Nature Observation

Bird And Nature Observation

Birds, spectacular and amazing from their colors to their habits, from their flight to their song, will be perhaps the first heavenly creations you meet during your Amazon tour. This is why so many bird watchers are so enthralled with the Amazon Basin. The regal Harpy Eagle, the gaudy Blue-and-Yellow Macaw, spectacular tanagers and soaring hawks, secretive herons and mythical-looking Hoatzins, the Amazon is certainly one of the most sought after birding destinations. But it is also a great place to encounter reptiles, amphibians and mammals, including record numbers of monkeys, tapirs, freshwater dolphins, Giant otters and many other unthinkable, unbelievably inspiring, creatures. The Anakonda also offers the opportunity of taking you to many different sites within a number of national parks and reserves, including world famous Yasuní Biosphere Reserve and the magical lakes of the Cuyabeno. Our specialist and local guides are expert spotters and they will surprise you by their skill at showing you many of these animals among the density of the voluptuous jungle.




Cross-Cultural Encounters

Cross-Cultural Encounters

The Anakonda Amazon Cruise takes time to visit fascinating communities that live amidst towering trees, lush tangles and camouflaged black water streams. Many astounding discoveries await for us there and true cross-cultural experiences will surely change your view of the world we live in. Intriguing, inspiring and fascinating men and women have made the Amazon their rightful home for centuries. They understand perfectly that protecting their environment is the only way to live within it—a lesson to be learned in giving and taking, in mutual respect and love of their natural home at the crossroads, somewhere between the gates of the outside world and depths of the Amazon rainforest.




Glamping - Personalize your Amazon jungle tour

Glamping in the Amazon

Personalize your Amazon jungle tour with our glamping programs at any moment during your visit. We can set up a romantic, cozy rainforest niche basically anywhere, although there are designated camping sites we often offer for this activity.

We can turn any corner of the route into a luxury camp site, serving the finest meals for you to enjoy. This way you won't miss the personalized onboard attention and we guarantee the most comfortable sleepovers in our state-of-the-art deluxe tents. While the Anakonda Amazon River Cruise brings the Amazon into your cabin, glamping is the ideal opportunity to make that experience more exciting on land. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to sleep placidly in a truly Amazonian bedroom. if you are interested on Gampling, please inquire information, as there is an additional charge for this activity.



Jungle Trekking

Jungle Trekking in the Amazon

A common activity during our Amazon cruise adventure is to disembark at stream banks and take exploratory walks amidst secret Amazon jungle trails, discovering the differences between the different types of forests. Here, you’ll notice that what goes on behind a dead leaf can be as fascinating as what happens along the riverbanks or on overhanging branches. We will climb 30 meters up an emergent tree to explore life from the forest canopy, where another world thrives; a very different world from what you’ve experienced down below within the jungle’s undergrowth. Millions of plants, some which are unnamed to science, will escort you on your hikes as you seek out the secrets of the Amazon Basin.  




Kayaking in the Amazon

During your Amazon cruise adventure aboard the Anakonda, you can take part in this very popular and exciting activity, where you’ll engage in a one-on-one experience with Amazonian tributaries, paddling at your leisure, guiding yourself around. Kayaking in the Amazon is, for many, a kind of fantasy, dream-come-true chance of a lifetime. But even for those who never felt so inclined, we do suggest everyone give it a try. It gets you very close and personally involved with this ever-special corner of the world. Duly equipped to offer this activity in total safety, it is an excellent opportunity to feel the river in your arms and body as you advance downstream.

Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine in the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador

The medicinal complexity found within the Amazon is far from being understood. It actually transcends our imagination. The simple fact that plants and trees diversity in any given hectare of the Amazon can be as extensive as other entire countries, is testimony enough of what remains unknown about the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. Ancestral, amazonian biochemical discoveries, such as “curare” (used in anesthesia), make up some of the many groundbreaking staples that modern Western medicine now rely on as ‘state-of-the art’. There is a fascinating, alternative medicinal world that owes a lot to the Amazonian rainforest’s magic. During our Amazonian river tour, we will visit communities that use and understand different medicinal practices based on the interminably diverse vegetation of the Amazon.



River And Lake Exploration

Amazon River and Lake exploration

Feel like Conrad, whose novel “The Heart of Darkness” set in the Belgian Congo; is one of the most poignant examples of river exploration in a tropical rainforest, while discovering the extreme nature and wildlife conditions of the Amazon’s tributaries. 

It is possible to explore new lagoons and streams –the ones where we cannot see with cruise- while the Anakonda sails down the river. We can discover these new territories thanks to the Anakonda’s classic three wooden canoes, which can carry up to 20 passengers, paddled by experienced native guides. Some of the most fascinating encounters occur during these river activities, which also become some of the most atmospheric, romantic and picture-perfect moments of your Amazon cruise experience.




Stargazing in the Amazon Rainforest

Pre-Columbian cultures, especially those found near the Equator, have been recognized for their deep astronomical understanding of the universe, and are known for the riveting mythologies that surround the subject of the stars and the moon. For the kichwa communities in the Amazon rainforest, which we visit as part of our Amazon cruise itineraries, the Moon was once a human entity that lived at the brink of time, in a dark world. She was eventually banished from humanity and Earth, and finally escaped to the sky. The Moon (Kiya, in Quechua), never returned but lights the darkness with her unique, whitewashed light. Amazonian nights are surely magical with the ever-present nostalgic moon caressing the voluptuous forests and sleeping rivers. The Anakonda’s ample deck will certainly become your Amazon cruise adventure’s favorite hangout from which you will experience the magic and mythology that emanate from deep within the bowels of the jungle.

Dining Experience

Dining Experience in the Jungle

Amazon cruises have never set such romantic riverside tables as we have proudly managed to, here on the Anakonda. A spectacular al fresco experience lies at the crossroads of the breezes that swirl on deck from every corner of the forest.

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