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Thursday 14 December 2017

Experience On Board and On Land

What is the Anakonda Amazon cruise experience? On board, it is a moment of self-indulgence; it is a retreat amidst the comforts of excellent service, ergonomic facilities and delicious food. It is a beautiful temporal living space that invites travelers to relax and contemplate the natural world in all its splendor. On land, the experience mutates: We are offered the excitement of adventure, we plunge into one of the most remote corners of our globe, where biodiversity is teeming, where life is incessant, where our interaction with nature brings us closer to it and where we will feel more alive. The cycle repeats itself as we find our solace at the breezy solarium, enjoying the sunset over the Amazon, kicking back in our indulgently ample cabins, admiring evrything through our spacious panoramic windows. An Amazon cruise, conceived as a true overall experience, can only complement the excitement of discovering such a fascinating natural world.

Contact Information

ECUADOR: +593 2 336 0887
USA: +1 786 220 3251

Skype: Advantage Travel

Advantage Travel Ecuador
Gaspar de Villarroel  N40-143 and 6 de Diciembre
Ritz Plaza corner

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